@ButterflyOfFire hey! Thanks for the welcome, means a lot! P I've been participating in the more and more and was hoping with this instance to attract more scientific people! Twitter is still pretty much the de facto standard, unfortunately.

Thought I'd follow a whole bunch of interesting people to fill the instance with content before promoting

@randynose Thanks! I hope to be able to attract some scientific/academic crowd to the fediverse. I haven't done any promotion yet, partly because I want to fill the instance with as much content as I can get to make it more usable, partly because of time constraints 😅 phd life...

How do you fill a mastodon instance with content? It's just conversations right? OR are you talking about getting your Mastodon Instance "fleshed out" with the bits and pieces that will make it stand out as a Science Academic instance. Similar to what Fosstodon has done with being Foss centered?

@randynose honestly, it's something I didn't know about how federation worked.

If I at randynose on a fresh instance, I will not find you. Only if I add at fosstodon, I will.

More interestingly, if I then go to your profile, it will say you have "1401 posts", but I won't see a single one, nor can I download them.

Assuming this is intended behavior, it means I must follow as many people as I can and let the posts flow in...

@randynose ... So that any new people on this instance at least have some interesting people to follow and, for these people, something hopefully interesting to read.

Was my train of thought... If someone has tips, I'm all ears! 😀

Yeah I don't know how things set up to be populated. I was hoping that someone else who has some more experience with running an instance would chime in.

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